How to Burglar Proof Your Windows

by | May 27, 2021 | Blogs, Home Security

Why Burglar-Proofing Windows Is Necessary

Burglary due to break-ins occurs way too often across the US. For about 70% of these break-ins, 65% break-in by breaking the window or door glass. Thus, forcing an entry into your home or store. Conventional windows and doors hold little security to prevent these intruders from getting inside our properties. Its glasses can be broken easily with just a hammer, rock, or another much more solid tool that allows burglars to reach in and unlock the window or a nearby door to get inside.

For this reason, we try to install security measures such as alarms, CCTV cameras, or other intelligent security systems. But even with these present, it can’t still stop desperate burglars into your home. Suppose burglary is pretty common in your area. In that case, it is all the better to know how to secure windows by installing a burglar-proof window. Knowing how burglar-proofing windows can make your home much safer is a game-changer for your safety.

We have gathered various solutions to improve your home security by beefing up your existing glass or completely replacing it with burglar-proof glass. These solutions range from types of burglar-proof glasses to installing additional security to your window and door frames. Take note of these solutions and choose what level of protection suits you.

How to Secure Windows From Burglars

Having an intelligent security system for your property is a good measure of security. But then again, does it completely stop intruders from breaking in? Primarily through your windows? Know that looking into these recommended solutions can improve your safety from intruders who aren’t trying to come through the door.

  • Security Window FilmIf you don’t want to replace your windows with break-proof windows, there’s another way to burglar proofing windows. You can install security window films on your windows and door glass to prevent easy breaking of the glass by holding it in place even after repeated attempts to break. It can be installed both inside and outside your glass windows and doors to give an extra layer of protection. Security window films come in both transparent and tinted films to suit your preferences.
  • Glass Glazing: Glass glazing is another option to make your windows and glass doors more burglar-proof. Window glass with glazing shields or polycarbonate laminate compositions can significantly strengthen the glass against impacts. Thus, making it resistant to cracking and shattering. The glass can then manage prolonged attacks of all kinds. The protected glass may still break after a long time. But that amount of time wherein the burglar is desperately breaking the glass is enough for you or your security system to notify the police of the burglary attempt.
  • Burglar-Proof Glass Sheets and Panels: But suppose you aim to have the highest level of security and have enough budget for window replacement. In that case, getting burglar-proof glass sheets and panels is highly recommended. Installing a glass that already has composition and strength made to counter break-ins and other types of attacks is worth investing in. Some of these burglar-proof glass sheets and panels can even provide varying grades of ballistic resistance. This resistance can give your property a much higher level of security, not only from burglars but from any bullets and blasts.

Other Ways To Burglar Proofing Windows

Suppose putting protective layers or installing a whole new glass sheet and panels may not be enough to reassure you. Or perhaps those security measures are just too costly for you? Do not worry! There are still multiple other ways to burglar proofing windows or doors of your property. Here are some:

Window Locks

Additional locks into your windows can enhance your window security. Burglars may have a hard time forcing your windows open when having aftermarket locks. There are different types of locks that you can purchase depending on the type of window you have. The following are:

  • Pin locks – Prevents burglars from lifting your windows near the ground or floor.
  • Keyed locks – As the name suggests, these are locks that require a key to keep them close. You only need to ensure hiding the key safely to prevent the window from opening.
  • Hinged wedge locks – This lock is perfect for double-hung windows that can open from both bottom and top. You can also adjust this lock so you can still open the window partially if you install it higher on the window frame.
  • Sash locks – Same with hinged wedge locks, sash locks are used for double-hung windows to hold them open and shut in place.

Window Sensors

For instance, you don’t own a home security system. It is better to invest in some window sensors. These devices can detect the motions of your windows. It can alert you if an unprecedented opening of the windows is done, especially in the middle of the night or in an event where no one is home.

Window Bars

Windows bars provide additional security in the event where the burglar successfully smashes your windows. These bars will prevent burglars into your home, for they will have a hard time squeezing in the bars. Just make sure that when installing these window bars, you must also ensure that you can safely escape through the windows in case of emergencies. In such cases, recommending to install the window bars inside that can be swung open during emergencies is a better solution. Just put a lock into it to still prevent burglars from forcing in.

Thorny Shrubbery

Thorns can be pretty hurtful when a whole shrub of it pricks you. Especially if you have no proper gloves that can lessen the pricking. Thus, even if this tactic may seem old, it is still pretty effective for burglars who didn’t properly plan. 

Burglar Proof Your Windows Now

Having to get robbed of your hard-earned belongings is disheartening. Thus, securing your windows and doors is always a necessary step to prevent such events. Burglar-proofing windows are now proven as an ideal solution to protect your property against smash-and-grab robberies or after-hours break-ins. These burglar-proofing solutions can also secure your property from riots and unprecedented chaos in your area. Some of these solutions can also put additional aesthetic design to your property. So why wait further when it may already be too late? Invest in burglar-proofing your windows now and protect your home and property from being robbed with help from security solutions from Deep Sentinel!

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