Meet the New DS2 System

by | Jan 30, 2024

Meet the DS2 System - 2 Cameras

Meet the newest development from Deep Sentinel: a next-gen version of our wireless security camera system. The DS2 system is now available to protect your home or business. It’s time to get your hands on the next big thing in security!

The New DS2 System: Advanced Tech Meets Live Guard Protection

Our original wireless camera had earned its keep as our flagship product, but it was time for an upgrade. Based on customer feedback, we kept the basic look of the original but upgraded the technical “guts” of the DS2 system.

The new cameras gained a wider field of view, improved night vision, a floodlight, better resolution, and a USB charger for constant powering. We’ve also boosted the hub’s AI processor.

What hasn’t changed is our award-winning security monitoring service. Live professional guards still watch your property and respond the instant trouble arises.

In other words, we’ve kept everything you know, love, and trust about wireless surveillance from Deep Sentinel and enhanced it with features for extra convenience and crime prevention.

DS2 System with Hub

What’s New in the DS2 System?

Let’s look at the new features you’ll find inside (and outside) the DS2 system.

New Color Scheme

Looks aren’t everything, but the new camera looks beautiful! The DS2 camera housing is a contemporary white that will complement nearly any decor.

Other than the updated color, the actual look of the camera body hasn’t changed much. It’s roughly the same size, shape, and weight as its predecessor.

Wide Field of View (FOV)

A security camera’s field of view can be the difference between recording critical details and missing them entirely. The DS2 system offers a comprehensive 130-degree FOV—wide enough to capture everything important without distorting the scene.

Improved Night Vision with LED Floodlight

Cameras can only record what they can “see.” To that end, we’ve made serious improvements to the night vision capabilities of the DS2 system and added a mini motion-activated LED floodlight for good measure.

Now the DS2 can produce color footage that looks like it was taken in full daylight. See the difference below.

Night Vision - Other Systems vs. DS2 System

Intruders lurking in the shadows will have nowhere to hide.

Higher Image Resolution

The DS2 system now offers full HD resolution (1080p). This is a marked improvement over the 480p resolution of the original.

Higher security camera resolution means the system can capture finer details and better image quality without pixelation. The improved resolution also enables the guards to identify potentially troublesome situations more quickly and easily.

Integrated USB Port

Although Deep Sentinel’s wireless cameras have always been designed to use rechargeable batteries, diverse customer use cases inspired another innovation. Each DS2 camera has an integrated USB port for external power options, such as solar panels. This feature allows users to choose whatever power source works best for their properties.

Upgraded AI Processor

The “brains” of any Deep Sentinel system lie in the local hub, which processes footage from cameras using artificial intelligence. The DS2 system hub received a substantial technical upgrade with this new release.

Every DS2 hub packs a powerful NXP ARM Cortex A53 processor, a revamped AI model that analyzes footage at 30 frames per second, and ample storage for recordings. The result is faster, more accurate threat identification than ever before.

Our CEO’s Thoughts About the New DS2 System

Our CEO and co-founder, David “Selly” Selinger, weighed in on the DS2 system release.

“Deep Sentinel’s unique fusion of AI-powered surveillance with live guards is our answer to security threats for businesses and homes in the United States,” said Selly.

“The release of the DS2 wireless camera system underscores our dedication to our primary goals of delivering unparalleled crime prevention solutions and making state-of-the-art protection accessible to all.”

Better, Smarter, Faster Security Is Here

The DS2 system represents the next evolution in Deep Sentinel’s cutting-edge security lineup, offering a proactive approach that differs from traditional alarm systems. Trust advanced technology and security camera monitoring to provide truly unprecedented protection.

Don’t wait! The DS2 system is available for purchase now. For more details or to purchase a DS2 wireless security camera system for your home or business, visit our website or call 833.983.6006.

Need a Solution that Prevents Crime? Deep Sentinel is the only security technology that delivers the experience of a personal guard on every customer’s home and business. Call 833.983.6006 for your free security consultation.

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