How to Disguise A Security Camera

by | Dec 20, 2022

How to Disguise a Security Camera - One option is a birdhouse

Burglars nowadays are hyper-aware of home security cameras when scoping out their next target. After all, they need to either find a home without cameras or disable any recording devices if they want to get away with the crime. Property owners need to get ahead of the burglars and be more conscious of where to put their cameras. It’s smart to hide your security cameras in plain sight, making them undetectable to burglars. Here, we’ll show you a few creative and inexpensive ways to camouflage a security camera indoors or outdoors.

1. Get a Mini Camera

The most straightforward way to hide a security camera is by getting a small security camera in the first place. Think of what you might consider a spy cam: the smaller the better! Its size makes it much easier to hide. There are more places you can tuck the device away where no one will even notice.

Plus, a smaller camera likely does not need any wiring. That means you can quickly relocate it to a new hiding spot. But that doesn’t mean they use simplistic technology. Some of these tiny cameras have built-in audio recording capabilities and night vision to record everything throughout the evening.

2. Camouflage a Security Camera Under Eaves, Gutters, or Ceilings

If you already have a set of mini cameras, you can easily mount them under eaves, gutters, or near the ceiling of your home. Once you’ve mounted them on a surface that’s far from the ground and hidden under architectural features, they’ll hardly be noticeable from a distance. You can also surround the camera with other unassuming objects such as leaves or flowers to hide it more completely.

3. Disguise Outdoor Cameras in a Birdhouse

For outdoor solutions, a traditional birdhouse is an excellent and unsuspicious place to camouflage a security camera. Think about it. A birdhouse is an enclosed space with just a tiny hole in it. A hole that’s just the right size for your camera’s lens. It can cover the camera’s body while still capturing video and audio through the peephole.

But make sure no obstacles block the camera’s view and the camera itself is stable and won’t move around. And try to keep it from becoming a habitat for actual birds! It’s ideal to use a wireless camera if you’re planning to set it up in a birdhouse. That way, it can be more mobile and you don’t have to worry about hiding your security camera’s wires.

4. Hide Security Cameras Near Trees or Bushes

Another idea for hiding a camera outdoors is to place it near trees or bushes. The leaves can make for excellent camouflage by covering the camera’s body without drawing attention. You can also paint the camera dark green (if you’re up for it) so it blends into the surrounding bushes and leaves.

5. Put Hidden Security Cameras Behind Glass Window

For indoor solutions, installing a mini camera near a glass window is common practice. Hidden behind curtains and mounted on a covered windowsill will make a perfect spot for a hidden indoor camera. Although it sounds easily noticeable, this is also an excellent option for hidden cameras at a commercial building—burglars would still take quite some time to find business security cameras in this kind of location.

6. Place Security Cameras Inside Everyday Objects

Hiding a security camera doesn’t have to be difficult. You typically don’t need a well-structured plan on where to put it. If you are not a fan of planning, know that you can easily camouflage a security camera within these ordinary objects in your home:

  • Bookshelves
  • Desk plants
  • Tissue boxes
  • Stuffed teddy bears
  • Fake rocks or plants (but make sure they don’t look too fake!)

A Few Words of Caution

Even if you successfully camouflage wireless security cameras, some burglars are clever enough to find them. So make sure that your camera connects to a central hub or your mobile device. Then, even if a crook disables your hidden camera, you still have a backup recording of the incident.

Camouflaging a security camera is an excellent way to deceive and catch burglars, but know that a hidden security camera also raises legal and ethical issues, especially if used indoors. So before setting up one, brush up on security camera laws. You might also want to talk to an attorney about how and where you plan to use the security camera. That way, your hidden security camera won’t cause more problems than it solves!

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